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We are flying!
Plymouth Municipal Airport 111 Quincy Road Plymouth NH 03264
Marion County Airport 15070 SW 111th St Dunnellon FL 34432
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Powered Parachute Instruction, PPI, offers the best in flight training, providing flight  instruction with FAA-Certified, flight instructor Bill Wallace.   Our flight school offers professional flight training in an informative and fun way with  your safety being our number one concern. From an aerodynamic perspective, a  powered parachute is the safest form of aviation. The combination of the “pendulum  effect”, slow flight speed and low-tech design, offers an unmatched safety  advantage over conventional aircraft. Our sport is popular with new pilots, airline pilots  and everything in between.   At our flight school, Powered Parachute Instruction, you can learn for yourself the thrill  of personal flight with a “discovery flight”. Bill, a FAA-Certified, flight instructor, will  introduce you to the flight systems that make flying a powered parachute so simple. If  you can ride a bicycle – you can fly a powered parachute. Bring a friend or loved one  to share your experience.   Interested in just “going up”? PPI also offers “adventure” flights. Let Bill take you up  and away for major fun and a “bird’s eye” view of the world below; nothing  matches the beauty of a sunset or sunrise from 500 feet. The colors of lakes,  mountains and oceans will indulge ALL your senses and is the closest you’ll ever get  to flying like the birds!   See our “Contact” page for call information, email, and maps.  
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