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About Powered Parachute Instruction - Flight School & Flight Training
At Powered Parachute Instruction, our flight school and flight training offers the best and most thorough flight training you can receive. PPI is owned and operated by a FAA-Certified, flight instructor, Bill Wallace, who’s focus is professional flight training and safety. A powered parachute is one of the easiest and safest forms of powered flight. Best yet, it also has one of the shortest FAA learning requirements of any aircraft. This combination makes a powered parachute the least expensive way to earn an airmen’s certificate.  A powered parachute is unmatched in its ease of flight, learning curve and low cost. Flying a powered parachute also allows a breath-taking view of mother earth that’s simply not possible in fixed-wing airplanes.  No other aircraft can fly 30 MPH, at tree-top level, and safely avoid obstructions. A powered parachute is the ultimate off-road vehicle and the most exciting way of enjoying flying with friends! Learning to fly is fun. Each day of flight training brings new adventures and challenges on the road to earning your sport pilot certificate. The FAA established minimum training requirements for all aircraft and a powered parachute requires the fewest training hours. The “practical test standards” require 10 hours of dual flight training and 2 hours of solo training. You will be required to pass a 40 question knowledge test and take an FAA practical exam. There is no need to worry because your flight instructor at Powered Parachute Instruction, Bill Wallace, will guide you every step of the way! Although a powered parachute is a simple and low tech design, flying is serious business. With Powered Parachute Instruction, your flight training will be COMPREHENSIVE and focus on FLIGHT SAFETY throughout the entire course. During training you’ll be taught the following subject areas:
Ram-air wing aerodynamics Engine operations and limits  Preflight procedures Risk management and aeronautical decision making  Proper wing layout and inspection procedures      Use of check lists    Airport operations        Collision avoidance procedures    Lost procedures Emergency procedures    Use of aircraft radio       Cross-country flight planning  Aeronautical chart reading   Use of compass and GPS in navigation How to use internet weather service products       How to get a weather briefing from Flight Service How to make a “go” or “no go” decision based on weather Aircraft performance under various conditions  How to PROPERLY brief your passenger FAA rules and regulations   How to use Flight Service How to use your flight publications to enhance safety AND MUCH MORE…. If you have any question about training please call (603) 494-1607 or email (info on ‘Contact’ page).
Bill Wallace Certified Flight Instructor
Bill Wallace Powered Parachute Rider Parachute View - Sunset Parachute View - In the Clouds Bill Wallace